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Feature request: duplicate workflow


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I want to create similar workflows (especially for launching a number of apps, etc., together). It would be great if I could select a workflow and duplicate it.


At the moment, you can export and re-import a workflow, if it's too complex to re-create from scratch, and the templates (found under the + button) are also useful for starting pre-populated workflows. Having said that, I know we have a ticket for duplicating, so it's likely you'll be able to duplicate them within Alfred at a later date.


And don't forget you can have multiple actions on a single workflow canvas, so you can have 10 hotkeys connecting to 10 apps on a single workflow, rather than creating one for each. 


Moved to the "Feature Suggestions" forum :)

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Thanks, Vero. And thanks for the heads up on the Feature Suggestions forum :)


This is deffo on the plan - the easiest way for now is to right click in the workflow list and reveal in finder, rename your workflow from the UID to something easier to recognise, then just duplicate in Finder. Alfred is watching this folder and will load the dupes in :)

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I second all the above and I'd like to be able to consolidate workflows. For example, I created several similar workflows that can all be contained in one canvas as mentioned above. But I can't drag n drop or cut/paste them so I would have to recreate them which I'd prefer not to do.

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