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Change or Turn off Command-Option C

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PLEASE I'm a  convert from LaunchBar I don't have time to read the manual but I will learn it inside out. I need my command option C is a different app which is very important to me at this moment to finish a job on time.


Please in the quickest most basic terms lead me through deleting that keystroke from Alfred which now opens a snippets view. Not needed at this moment in time.


Don't worry about being cryptic, I can follow you. This is my first post in the Alfred forum so I have no idea how quickly I can get an answer but right now would be so excellent!!


Thanks :lol::angry: :unsure:

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On 4/3/2017 at 4:06 PM, juliosecco said:

Open Alfred preferences,

click on Snippets on the left bar,

and change he Hotkey


it should be quite easy to find   :)




This doesn't work: it doesn't disable cmd-opt-C from launching Snippets. When I assign a different keyboard shortcut, the new keyboard shortcut works and cmd-opt-C continues to work. I've had to add custom keyboard shortcuts to my other apps to avoid cmd-opt-C getting intercepted by Alfred.

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