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Alfred doesn't seem to find Apple Notes

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I can't seem to get Alfred to return the contents of Apple notes in the search results. It works fine with Spotlight. I have included ~library/containers/com.apple.notes in my search scope in Alfred. Is this a configuration issue or a known limitation of Alfred? Any ideas or suggestions?




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@quikatb Hi Tim, Apologies for the slow response on this post! Seems I've missed this one.


I've got a workflow that's ideal for searching for Notes on your Mac:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/j6wbatzyd42m780/Search Notes on your Mac.alfredworkflow?dl=0


The file type (com.apple.notes.externalrecord) isn't included in default results. Depending on how much content is stored in your Notes, a workflow ensures that notes are only searched when relevant and don't clutter up your default results.


Simply type "notes" followed by keywords included in the title or content of your note, and you'll see the results appear :)


Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 15.53.45.png




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@JohnG According to the creator of an even better Apple Notes workflow than mine, in High Sierra, Apple has changed the way notes are stored, storing them all in a single database rather than as individual files.


@surrealroad mentioned he would be investigating how to work with this new format:


In the meantime, I noticed that fellow Twitter users suggested the Evernote workflow. This is a brilliant workflow, and a great way to search synced notes (and in my personal experience, I've found more reliable than Apple's Notes), so may be a suitable stop gap until a Notes workflow is updated for High Sierra. :)





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Hello, just noticed Alfred wasn't searching Apple Notes and found this thread. My current workaround on High Sierra is to try to remember to use the build-it Spotlight (mapped to Shift+Control+Space) when I want to search for something I know is in Apple Notes. For me, that's a bunch of small random bits of information. Would prefer not to move to another solution like Evernote at this time.


Does anyone know if there's been any updates on this front? Thanks!

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My issue is... I search for something mainly because I don't know where it is. If I KNEW it was in notes, it would be easy to find. But I don't necessarily know. That's why it's important to return Notes hits in the default search results. Which is why I'm going to switch from using Alfred for search back to Spotlight. To me, a search is a little useless if I already know where the data is.

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22 minutes ago, Elden said:

To me, a search is a little useless if I already know where the data is.


Bear in mind that Alfred is primarily a launcher, not a search engine.


It is explicitly not designed to search all your stuff (as Spotlight does) because that is exactly what enables Alfred to be so much faster than Spotlight and provide more accurate results.


If you have little idea where or what you're looking for is, then you should absolutely use Spotlight. If you've set up Alfred to be suitable for that task, you've basically ruined it.


Alfred is designed around the concept of multiple, narrowly-focussed searches, rather than a single, catch-all search. If you don't use it that way, you will be disappointed with the results.

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