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Python: Alfred-Workflow, by @deanishe
Go: AwGo by @deanishe (Alfred 3-only)
Node.js: Alfy, by @sindresorhus

Workflow templates

Convert Excel spreadsheet to Workflow: I Sheet You Not, by @deanishe
Convert JavaScript browser bookmarklet to Workflow: AlfredBookmarklet, by @vitor


Add auto-updating to your Workflow: OneUpdater, by @vitor

Fuzzy search helper (alternative to Alfred filters results?Fuzzy by @deanishe
Support multiple browsers: get_title_and_url, by @vitor

Workflow management

Workflow searching: Packal.org Alfred Workflow Search, by @deanishe

List commands for all Workflows: Help, by @nsarthur

Not Workflow related

iTerm2 intergration: custom-iterm-applescripts-for-alfred, by @stuartcryan


This list replaces the old one. Most of the libraries on that list are either abandoned or incredibly outdated. While they might still work, they might also work poorly with Alfred 3 or have been obsoleted by it.

All the libraries on this list are (at the time of the last edit) up-to-date and their developers are either still supporting them or forum regulars. That means any problems you find and suggestions you have are likely to be addressed.

If there’s any library you think belongs in (or should be removed from) this list, leave a reply below. I’ll evaluate it and then hide the comments (so the thread can be kept tidy).

Edited by vitor
Removed Alfred 2 libraries that haven’t been updated.

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