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Nothing shown up from time to time

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When I'm using alfred to open some file  it shows nothing from time to time like picture I upload.


Other files also doesn't shown up either..... except just a few basic directory(Desktop..Dropbox etc)


Seems like it flushing cache(?) or something.... How can I stop it?


Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.17.47 PM.png

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@rightx2 This is the best place to start:



If the same file, in the same location sometimes shows and sometimes doesn't, then it's indeed likely to be an indexing related issue. If you're referring to some files showing but others not, it could be down to search scope or file types, so the indexing troubleshooting documentation should help you out :)


If it still doesn't work, be sure to provide more details about the files, their location, whether Spotlight finds them, etc so that we can help you further.



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