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Remote Connection Problems

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Having issues with Remote Connection between mac Retina OS X Sierra and iPhone 6s 10.3.1. Alfred 3.3.2 on Mac. Can't get past 'Alred Remote' on iPhone to know the version?


Previous connections ok. I'm not sure exactly when this started, but it seems "all of a sudden" it doesn't work.


Tried on both home and work networks but no go.


Re-booted both devices.


I was able to establish a 'Direct connection' at home, but when I got to work the IP address is not relevant.



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@Mickey Tee Welcome to the forum!


Are you suggesting that you set up Direct Connection for a laptop, then used the same laptop in a different location? In that case, that's correct, the IP address and direct connection setup won't match in the second location; It's the same Mac and iPhone, but the Direct Connection will refer to your home location. You'll therefore need to use the standard setup over wifi, which is more flexible to you switching network.


If you are referring to two separate Macs where you encountered the issue, did you try deleting the connection and starting fresh? If there are any issues with the connection, setting it up again should clear things up.





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Hi Vero,


Thanks for the reply. I'm 'sorted' now.


I deleted the App from the iPhone then reinstalled.... everything worked exactly like it did before after the reinstall.


I suddenly encountered a problem, where the iPhone would not 'talk' to the Mac. The 'only' way I could get it to work, was by setting up a 'Direct Connection' which I did at home. So, when I went to work, it didn't work because of the network change of IP address.


It's just strange that Alfred remote didn't work all of a sudden. I don't know what changed. It took a reinstall to fix it though.




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