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looking for workflow: View currently open URL (in Safari) in other browser (Opera)

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Good evening everybody,


I am looking for directions (a) to find an already existing workflow (that I wasn't able to find) or (b) to allow me to create my own, in regards to the following "problem":


I use Safari as my primary and have Opera installed as my secondary browser. While viewing a website in Safari, I sometimes would like to be able to use an Alfred-keyword to open the same website in Opera and vice-versa.


Any directions?


Thank you!

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Some of this can be accomplished via AppleScript, but not everything (well). Safari and Chrome have excellent AppleScript support but other browsers don’t (for the most part), including Firefox (rubbish support) and Opera (had undocumented support, and now seems to not have any).


So it should still be possible but you’ll need to fake some key presses, which is less than ideal and prone to errors.


So before we continue, any reason Opera is your secondary browser and not another, like Chrome?

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5 hours ago, vitor said:

Firefox (rubbish support)


« Ruby-ish support »?… What do you mean? As far as I know, Ruby for Firefox is not a programming language.


@gammawert, a little workflow for you ;). -> Url It In Other Browsers (on Github)


Open an URL in Safari, stroke CMD + ALT + CTRL + U => the url opens in Firefox and Opera. Alfred 3 required.



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Hi guys, thanks for helping each other out so nicely :) 


With regards to language-specific forum sections, that's not something we'll be doing anytime soon; While there are a number of active French-speaking users (myself included) on the forum, we also have users from all around the world, speaking numerous languages.


Segregating everyone into language-specific sections would make it much harder for us (and for very helpful and knowledgeable community members - like @vitor @deanishe @dfay to name just a few) to provide help, given we each only speak a few languages. It also means that other users can't benefit from the helpful answer, due to the language barrier.


Instead, let's keep everyone together, but just be patient with each other if there's a miscommunication caused by language. If someone's *really* stuck and has to post in their native language, I'm sure a fellow user will help translate a question along the way. :) 



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