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[Update!!]Currency converter workflow for Alfred 3

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16 minutes ago, StevenP said:

Is it possible to install an older version of Currency converter to use with an OS like Yosemite?


That won't help. Your system's Ruby (or Python) cannot connect to exchangeratesapi.io, which the workflow uses.


You can try to find a different workflow that uses a different API that doesn't require SSLv3, but you're going to run into the same issue with lots of workflows because of the horribly old version of OpenSSL on your system.


You can try to update the version of OpenSSL on your system (no idea how), but the simplest solution would be to upgrade to High Sierra if you can.

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Surely my favourite currency converter. Big shout out! 

However, I would really appreciate more flexibility by implementing additional currency keywords. At the moment conversation is solely limited to the keywords: USD / EUR / EURO / GBP etc. Often I just use  "pounds" (GBP) or "zloty" (Keyword "PLN" <- polish currency), which of course is not recognised by the workflow . Could you add such keywords to the code, or just give me some advice how to accomplish this task by myself? Many thanks!

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Love the workflow so far but I would really like to see spaces or "." between each thousands to have clearer reading of big nunmbers! 

So intead of 10000 → 10,000 or 10.000 wouuld be great! Is it possible?

Thank you!

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The typical finance terminology for foreign exchange would be: USD GBP


The assumption is obviously that the first currency is set to one, however the workflow requires me to type 1 each time for a conversion.


Would it be possible to update the workflow so it recognises the first item in the currency pair will be set to 1 should the user not specify otherwise?

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