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Quick access to popular libraries, frameworks & tools online developer documentation.


With all these great frameworks & libraries out there, it's hard to master each one of them.
D2 (Developer Documentation) provides links to online documentation of the most popular frameworks, libraries and other development tools, so you’ll able to get some answers quickly.


Workflow can be downloaded from Packal.


Think of another great link to add to D2?

  1. Open D2 repository on Github
  2. Make sure the link is not already in the file
  3. Edit data.json file
  4. Add your link object to the bottom of the array:
  "name": "Tool's name as appear on its website",
  "description": "Tool's description as appear on its website, up to 100 characters",
  "tags": ["lowered", "case", "tags"],
  "link": "direct link to documentation / api page, e.g. https://emberjs.com/api/",
  "timestamp": "current date as YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 2017-01-01",
  "credit": "your_username@some_website, e.g. nire0510@github"
  1. Submit your PR



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how to submit new links

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What @xilopaint said. "Python" apparently points to Python 3. Which is confusing because the macOS Python is Python 2.


Better to use "Python 3" for Python 3. "Python" should point to the Python 2 docs. That's the system Python and what any python executable is. Python 3 binaries are called python3.

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I just had a look at the workflow. You're downloading data.json every time the workflow is run. You should really consider caching it for at least an hour or two. (Or better yet, caching the feedback you send to Alfred.) It would make the workflow a lot faster.

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@deanishe sure, that's what I'm about to do. It's my first workflow and I'm still learning how Alfred workflows works. Is there any resource that is going deeper than the official Alfred documentation?

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Not that I'm aware of.


Your best bet is probably to pull apart existing workflows. @vitor has some good ones here.


If PHP is your poison, some of these might be instructive.


If you have any questions about the best way to go about achieving something with Alfred, the Workflow Help & Questions forum is the place to ask.

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6 minutes ago, Nir said:

with local cache (4 Hrs.)


Why 4 hours? Does the list change that often? It seems to me the list should be relatively stable, and even more so as time passes. Once a day should be fine, no?


Tangentially, why not make the Workflow itself open-source in the repo?

Edited by vitor

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@vitor it is relatively new so it gets updates frequently (2 Hrs.).

Later on as list will be more baked, I'll make it less frequent.

I might adopt your suggestion and make it an open-source project later on, thanks :)

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