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One of the major annoyances I have when wanting to go inside a folder that's in some complicated path is actually writing the whole path. In Terminal, I can define aliases and use Tab completion, but I am hoping Alfred can help me achieve more and easier. I know it already has path navigation, with included Tab completion.


But here's a scenario I'm thinking of and suggesting for possible implementation.


Say I have a couple of PDFs in a path such as `$HOME/Dropbox/school/cs/1st-year/swift/problem-books-swift/` and I know the author of the book is Alfred McMac. But maybe I have more than one of his books and I can't remember the title. 


Assuming I only have one folder called "problem-books-swift", I'm hoping Alfred could help me search directly in that folder. For example, I could input "problem-books-swift/ Alfred McMac" and it would limit the searches to that folder only.


Is this possible in the present version, i.e. to limit the searches to a certain folder? If so, how would you do this?


If not, would you consider implementing it? Is it feasible, do you find it useful?


Thank you and many congrats yet again on a totally awesome vital app I'm using from a couple of years!

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1 minute ago, dfay said:


As I understand it, file filters only search in the specified "Scope".


However, I'm thinking of something more like a "dynamic" scope, entered in the user's query.


In the file filter solution, I assume I'd have to create a filter for each (set of) folders I'd like to search in. Which is OK, but not ideal.


Or am I missing something?

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6 minutes ago, deanishe said:

You can specify the folder to search in dynamically. 


Look at the dynamic file search demo workflow included with Alfred. 


Absolutely great, thank you very much for that!


Topic can be closed/moved/deleted, solution found. :)

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