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Smart calculations with Numi

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Hey everyone!


Numi is calculator that allows to describe tasks the natural way and instantly get an accurate answer. For example, $20 in euro - 5% discount or today + 2 weeks.

To use workflow make sure Numi installed and running. Prefix your calculations with 'n': 'n (20% of 45)/12', 'n $20 in Euro' or 'n time in Tokyo'. Testing Alfred support ATM, so, it only available in development version (download at http://numi.io/static/dev/Numi.zip)


Numi workflow: http://www.packal.org/workflow/numi


Will appreciate for feedback!






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Are you the Numi developer?


I see that you are the developer. It's a great little app. I emailed you with some suggestions.


I can't seem to get the Alfred workflow to work; I'm getting the error "Failed to connect to localhost port 15055: Connection refused."



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Numi was updated to be more explicit about Alfred integration (checkbox in preferences). The only thing that might block workflow is firewall (which should accept incoming requests though). In any case, will be great to see any system logs associated with Numi if it's not working!

And please, ensure you are using "development" version of app: http://numi.io/static/dev/Numi.zip.

Released version through SetApp/Site is not provide any Alfred integration ATM.

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3 hours ago, nikolaeu said:

@boddicker @passtaiker Can you please check Numi preferences for "Enable Alfred integration" option ? Should be enabled there.

@nikolaeu I confirm that "Enable Alfred integration" option is checked, and I also add MAC firewall setting to allow all incoming connection toward Numi. Btw, my OSX version is 10.11 (EL Capitan), is that the same with your environment? Thanks.

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@vitalyb, this is interesting, however, please note that this break the workflow if we want to input something that doesn't starts with a number (for example: starting with sin(), cos(), ln()...). So, at least it would be preferable to keep the workflow starting with "n" or do like the builtin calculator and make the workflow works by starting with "=" ...


Beside that, thanks @nikolaeu for the workflow and for Numi ! Very great application!


=== Edit ===


For those interested in trying @vitalyb workflow, but with the possibility to start the workflow with "=" like the builtin calculator so queries that doesn't start with a number works. here is an update to the workflow with that modification:



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Good point, @GuiB, thanks!


Please note that you should uncheck the "with space" in the keyword section of =. Otherwise it would ignore stuff like: =5+3


Another thing worth mentioning, is that when using our updated workflow, I suggest to disable the built-in calculator.

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On 5/30/2019 at 11:42 PM, CaptainQ said:

Is this supposed to work on Alfred 4?
I checked the box, it's recognized by workflow, aka if I type "n" then I'll see the numi icon... but if I start entering anything after then nothing happens 

Edit: Fixed by replacing 'Alfred 3' by 'Alfred 4' in the script

Nice one, that sorted it out for me in v4. Setapp version has Alfred integration built in now so works fine, in case anyone read the above posts from 2017.

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