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Alfred workflow for re-adjusting chrome windows zoom.

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I am using my laptop with an external monitor. 
Laptop has a 720p screen (non-retina macbook pro) (lol) and external monitor's resolution is 2560x1440. 
So everytime I connect and disconnect my laptop, I gotta adjust the size of web pages. 
On my laptop I use zoom in 100% and on my external display I use 150%. 
Otherwise the texts are gonna be too small. 
Is there an alfred workflow can let me do this?
It is getting annoying having to adjust manually every single time. 

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According to Chromes’s AppleScript dictionary, you can’t zoom windows with it, only check if windows are already or can be zoomed.

Two solutions:

The first method is more prone to errors (especially since to zoom to 150% you need to ⌘+ three times in a row) because it relies on faking keyboard presses. But the second method requires you to activate it on each page. Pick whichever is more convenient to your usage.

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18 hours ago, vitor said:


I see. So, there is not a solution that can make all my chrome windows set to 150% automatically when connect to a external display. 

Then when disconnection happened, all page went back to 100%? 

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If you want it to happen automatically when some event (plugging the monitor) occurs, then Alfred was never the way to go. By design, Alfred needs to be specifically called. That’s an explicit feature, not a limitation.

There may be a way to auto-detect when a monitor is plugged in, yes, but you should ask on Ask Different.

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