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When I'm trying to search or open a file, it doesn't show file very frequently

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I use alfred to open file via  '`' or 'open' command. When I enter this command with file name it works well very few times...


Very Frequently alfred doesn't show anything at all!  If I wait for 3~5mins it works again.....


I don't know why this happens... It is really inconveninent to find my file by myself everytime it happend...


I also tried 'Clear application cache' but it doesn't work....


Any idea?


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I about the same problem!


In my case I can't even start a file search. After opening alfred> type ' > type the first letter of file I want to find


alfred add's " and want to execute the fallback search option (that is search and show result with google,  amazon and wikipedia)


Did anyone report this?

 OSX 10.12.4 (16E195)

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