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Alfred is unable to detect certain app I installed.

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I cannot use alfred to call apple's numbers app. 

When I ket in numbers, it shows about this mac on alfred. 

I have no idea why. Is this a bug ? or ? 


I am using the latest  version of alfred as well as macOS.

Here are some screenshots:



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Hi @mrchow19910319 Can Spotlight find the app? It's likely that you need to rebuild your Mac's index, as latest macOS update may have caused some corruption to your metadata index.


To rebuild your Mac's index, go to Alfred's Advanced preferences, press the "Rebuild macOS metadata" button and follow the instructions in Terminal. Be sure to check the box to "Delete /.Spotlight-V100" when it pops up.


The reindexing can take up to an hour, and on completion, you'll need to type "reload" into Alfred to refresh the application cache. You should then be finding all your apps as expected :)





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Thanks for the reply! 

How am I gonna know that my mac is done indexing though?

Also I just did a fresh install of macOS sierra, is this normal? 

I thought after every clean installation everything should be at a clear state? 

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