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MPD (music player daemon) client

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Alfred MPD


Control MPD from Alfred.




Download the latest version from GitHub releases or Packal.



  • mpd [<query>] — View mpd status and search for tracks
    • On actions:       
      •   or ⌘+<NUM> — Perform action
    • On tracks:
      • or ⌘+<NUM> — Queue track
      • ⌘+↩ — Play track
      • ⌥+↩ — Clear queue and play track
      • ^+↩ — Queue album
    • On albums/artists/playlists/types:
      •  , or ⌘+<NUM> — Search within albums/artists/playlists/types


Licencing, thanks


This workflow is released under the MIT licence.
It is based on the Alfred-Workflow library, which is also released under the MIT licence.





  1. First release
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