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Hotkey from alfred mini player window only?

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Hi, I've got a simple workflow that I'm trying to get working.


When the Alfred itunes mini player is on the screen, I want to use a hot key to pull up a random album.



As it is now, the command R works across all applications -



I want it to only work when the Alfred itunes mini player is visible

I see an option to only use the hotkey with a specific app:


however, I do not know the bundle ID of the Alfred itunes mini player, and the tip on the window "Drop apps (e.g. from finder or Alfred's results) does not work for the mini player from Alfred


Does anyone know the bundle ID of the mini player, or know how I might achieve what I'm trying to do?

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The iTunes Mini Player isn’t a separate app, it’s a different state of Alfred. As such, it does not have its own bundle ID. Set your Workflow to work when Alfred itself is in focus and it should work.


Note I haven’t tested this, as I don’t use iTunes or the Mini Player (or any music app, for that matter).

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