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Get the latest Hacker News (hn) and Pinboard Popular (pbp) links.


Action any link to open it in the background in your default web browser. Action it with ⌃ to copy it to the clipboard. If listing Hacker News links, actioning with ⌥ will open the comments thread (set the hn_main Workflow Environment Variable to comments to reverse this behaviour).

Lists are updated automatically and cached. To force the lists to update, run :hackerboardforceupdatelists.



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11 minutes ago, nikivi said:

I think for hacker news the workflow lacks up vote count


The workflow grabs their RSS feed, which does not provide them. Either way the up vote count would be skewed, since results are cached for four hours. To get accurate up vote counts I’d need to regrab the page with every request, which would make the workflow slower.

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I understand. I was thinking, perhaps Github Trending also has an RSS feed. Would be awesome to add. 


Will break the cool name you have there though. :)

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Your repo is trending today!

I don’t care much about breaking the name, as the description is general enough. I don’t think I’ll add Github Trending, though, as those aren’t really news. That seems more appropriate for a Github-centric Workflow. That said, I have thought about adding Prodcut Hunt, , and that kind of blurs the line.

But Product Hunt’s RSS (Atom feed) has short descriptions next to the names of the products, while Github trends does not (the one I found; I haven’t seen an official one, even). That makes Product Hunt well suited to be included in a Script Filter, ad Github Trends not.

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Added an hn_main Workflow Environment Variable. If you set it to comments, Hacker News’ main action will open the comments thread, and the secondary (⌥) will open the linked website.


Also made some general code updates and fixed a bug where only the Pinboard list was being updated on force.

To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.

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