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Alfred Remote with MacOS High Sierra 10.13 and IOS 11

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I know the Mac and IOS beta came out just a week ago. I have been experiencing some issues with the Alfred Remote. I am able to connect to the computer and see the remote icons. When I press for instance the prompt for turning on the screen saver, it does not work, nothing happens. Some of the Remote application functions work but a lot do not. Looking in the Console I see the following:


Jun 15 23:06:00 TM-MB com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-3.5344[5078]): Service did not exit 5 seconds after SIGTERM. Sending SIGKILL.
Jun 15 23:06:13 TM-MB Alfred Preferences[5219]: DEPRECATED USE in libdispatch client: Changing the target of a source after it has been activated
Jun 15 23:06:34 TM-MB Alfred 3[5368]: DEPRECATED USE in libdispatch client: Changing the target of a source after it has been activated
Jun 15 23:06:41 TM-MB Alfred 3[5368]: BUG in libdispatch: 17A264c - 2505 - 0x14f8


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Hi @mogilner Welcome to the forum! In High Sierra, the Screen Saver has simply moved to a new location, so if you update to Alfred 3.4.1, which is currently in pre-release, you'll see that Screen Saver now launches as expected :)


If you're not familiar with pre-releases, launch Alfred to the Update tab, choose "Pre-releases" from the dropdown at the bottom of the panel, and grab 3.4.1. You can switch back to "updates" if you prefer not to get all pre-releases, as these are more frequent than regular updates.


Also, a quick search on Google relating to "bug in libdispatch" shows quite a lot of results; It relates to Apple's Grand Central Dispatch, and I'm sure Apple will resolve this before the general release of High Sierra, but I've raised a ticket for it for Andrew to look into anyway. :)



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Thank you very much for responding back to me. I know I am very early in High Sierra cycle, but thought it was worth mentioning to you.


The prerelease version seems to work great for me. The Screen Saver module is something I use everyday, so I am very thankful to have it back.


Thanks for such a great product.

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