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Hotkey for launching - no + icon in Workflow

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Ok, I've put off moving past Alfred v1 for years because Workflows looked like an elephant gun when all I needed was a flyswatter. But I'm building out a new Mac from scratch, so thought I'd catch up and bite the bullet. 


All I really want is to assign hotkeys to apps. 


I used the Workflow template "Launch file group from hotkey," which I assumed I'd need to do once for each app, and just create "file groups" of one app each. But it looks like you're supposed to be able to set up a bunch of these inside of a single workflow: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/triggers/hotkey/creating-a-hotkey-workflow/


The problem: The instructions refer to and show a + icon in the upper right corner of the workflow panel that I don't see.




I now have a single hotkey launching a single application, so I could stop here. However, I'd like to add more applications and hotkeys to this particular workflow. To add to your existing workflow, click the + button at the top right of the current workflow to add two items:

  • Triggers > Hotkey
  • Action > Launch Apps / Files

Set the hotkey and choose your application, as per the steps above.



I will try to resist voicing the cascade of frustrations that the UX for what must surely be a common task is so oblique, though I really hope Alfred gets some UX design help. But can anyone enlighten me on how I can set up hot keys for apps in the way the help page indicates I should be able to?





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Hadn't noticed the PLUS had gone. I guess it is rather non-obvious now.


Right-click on a blank spot on the "canvas" to add a new element. It will show a list of all the things you can add.


You can also copy and paste existing elements.


To connect elements, hover your mouse over one, then drag the "nub" to the element you want to connect it to. Alternatively, right-click on and element and choose from the Insert Before and Insert After menus.

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It’s (somewhat) obvious but only when making a new Workflow — not when editing an existing one — because you have no other choice other than right clicking.



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@ramatsu It looks like you spotted a page I missed when updating all documentation for Alfred 3. As a result, the screenshots and guidance referred to Alfred 2, so I apologise for any confusion this might've caused you in creating your first hotkey workflow! 


This page has now all been updated to reflect the vastly more powerful features in Alfred 3, with new screenshots and information. :) 


As @deanishe and @vitor both highlighted, adding objects to your workflow can now be done by right-clicking anywhere on the canvas, as Alfred 3 allows you to position objects anywhere (whereas in v2, the positioning was more restrictive).


In fact, there are a few ways to add new objects to a workflow:

  • Right-click anywhere on the canvas, as mentioned above
  • Right-click an existing object and choose "Insert after", "insert before" or "replace with" from the pop-up menu
  • Click and drag from the handle of an existing object. When you let go, a pop-up menu will appear there to allow you to choose the next object.


Given you're specifically interested in hotkeys at this point, you'll find a helpful example of using a hotkey-based workflow built into Alfred if you click the + at the bottom of the Workflows sidebar and choose Getting Started > Hotkeys. This workflow shows you both how to use a hotkey and a single action, or a hotkey connected to multiple actions at once.




Once you've added one hotkey connected to one Launch Apps / Files action, you can select both and copy/paste them to add more hotkeys to launch apps, in a way similar to Alfred 1.


Don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions :)




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Thanks @Vero @vitor and @deanishe, that was fast, and blazing fast for a documentation update! On my way to recreate all my hotkeys from Alfred 1.


Vitor: Yeah, I started from a template, figuring that would be the best newbie approach, so never got to see the empty page tip :-)

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