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Create new task in OmniFocus inbox

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Hey everyone!   Just dipping my toe into the proverbial waters of Alfred 2 workflows, and managed to come up with this workflow.   It creates a new named task in your OmniFocus inbox – it checks if Om

This is great! I was looking for an OmniFocus workflow this morning. I found another one but that always opened the OmniFocus Quick Entry window after I executed the alfred search. This is much smooth

Added some code to the AppleScript and a ‘Post Notification’ step to Dan's great workflow so it now triggers a notification in the Notification Center with the task name that the new OmniFocus task wa

Can't seem to get it to work....  Any updates anywhere? Using OF3 and when I trigger with todo - I enter verbiage and no idea where it went...



Friday, October 16, 2020   01:59 PM Working now and works like a charm - thank you


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