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Clipboard clearing

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First, I have looked but found nothing that could help direct me how to do this.  If it's already covered, sorry for the duplication.


I have a simple (though kludgy) workflow to clear the system clipboard.  What I want to do is have the single keyword command execute the system clipboard cleaner and at the same time, the Alfred Clipboard be cleaned as well as part of the workflow.


The existing workflow I have is setup as follows:


Keyword ("clearboard") -> Run Script (echo -n '' | pbcopy) -> Run Script (say "The Mac OS clipboard has now been cleared.") and Post Notification ("The Mac OS clipboard has now been cleared.")  


I suspect I can delete the Post Notification without issue.  


If you've suggestions on how to do this, thank you.






NB. I know I barely use Alfred and the Powerpack to anywhere near their fullest capacity; but I like to (as we all do) support excellent software.

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