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Using Alfred 2, Purchased Turbopack 3, now what?

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I've been using Alfred since Alfred 1, in a limited way, and now have Alfred 2.  I decided to expand usage, and purchased Turbopack 3.  After my purchase of Turbopack 3, I was brought to a Running with Crayons page, but given no information on how to proceed with getting my purchase.  When I moved from Alfred 1 to Alfred 2 I lost all my web search shortcuts, had to re-enter 70-80 searches.  I must now have over 100, and don't want to lose them again.  I'm afraid to simply download Alfred 3 and install. And, if that's what I **should** do, and I'm guaranteed that I won't lose all my current data, will Alfred then ask me to enter my Turbopack 3 Order ID?  That's all I was provided.  I've already seen the help page that assumes I had a license for Alfred 2, and it wasn't clear to me.

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Also, if you're using any older workflows that haven't been updated, you will need to change any AppleScript references from "Alfred 2" to "Alfred 3".  But this is a matter for the workflow developers, not a native Alfred issue.

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Hi @walksoftly Welcome to the forum!


When you run Alfred 3 for the first time, if Alfred 2 is still installed, you'll be shown how to migrate your preferences from v2 to v3, so you won't lose your custom searches.


Here's how the Migration Assistant works:



As @dfay mentioned, a small number of workflows may need updating if they're hard-coded to refer to Alfred 2, but as you don't appear to have had a Powerpack in v2, this shouldn't affect you anyway :)



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