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'Open' won't open a folder


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Perhaps this isn't a bug, but it still seems like the best place to do it. I sometimes use 'open' and 'find' somewhat interchangeably, understanding the difference of course, but with folders, the results are almost identical. The open command doesn't seem to work with folders (anymore?) It feels like it used to, but I can't be sure. I'm using multiple desktops on macOS Sierra, and it appears I need to be on the right desktop where possibly I have a finder window already open? Like I said, I can't quite pinpoint it.


I should say, using the open command on a folder, nothing happens. If I then go and look on the other desktops (these are virtual, not an actual other screen), the folder isn't open there either.



'Find' works every time, but am I misunderstanding a basic concept here, or is this a bug?



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@Damoeire the difference between those two keywords is that open will open the item, find will reveal it in finder. For most other types of files, the consequence is more obvious, but with folders, both will end up in Finder. The open command will open Finder to within the selected folder, the find command will select that folder in Finder.


I haven't experienced any issues with either of these keywords and folders, and the actual behaviour of this is controlled by macOS itself (Alfred doesn't do anything differently when asking to open a file or a folder, just passes off to macOS).


Have you tried just restarting your Mac in case macOS is having a funny moment?




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