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Clipboard: 'Auto paste on return' stopped working

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For some reason the 'Auto paste on return' function of the Alfred clipboard stopped working for me a couple of days ago. I didn't realise how much I rely on it until it stopped working :(


The clipboard window opens as normal when I hit the shortcut, but the selected entry isn't pasted when I hit return. I don't really know how to go about debugging this - has anyone had a similar issue?




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Alfred Preferences → Features → Clipboard → Advanced → Pasting. Is Auto paste on return selected or deselected?

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@adamvert It'd be helpful to understand in what conditions it hasn't been working for you.


- Could you please try with a plain text file as frontmost app, just to ensure it's not the destination causing an issue in some way?

- Do you use multiple clipboard managers that could be interfering with each other? 

- Seems simple, but have you tried restarting your Mac?


And finally, which version of Alfred are you currently using? :)



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