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Clipboard History not picking up menubar apps

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I'm just now toying with Alfred + Powerpack after living in LaunchBar for many years… taking a bit of getting used to, but am loving Clipboard History with Snippet search integrated! However, I have a couple of Fluid SSBs that are pinned to my Menu Bar, in which copied text doesn't show up in my history. I wondered whether this is because they're 'headless' (no icon in Dock) but I can copy out of TextExpander (with Dock/app icon hidden) and see it in Alfred clipboard history… any enlightenment appreciated!

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@tullyhansen Welcome to the forum :)


Items are copied to Alfred's clipboard if:

  1. They're not from an ignored app (see Features > Clipboard > Advanced)
  2. They're not marked as transient data or ConcealedType by the app (e.g. when passwords are copied from a password app)

I'm not that familiar with Fluid, but check for either of the points above.  Whether or not the app has no dock icon doesn't make a difference. 


You may also want to update to Alfred 3.4.1 pre-release, which you can grab by going to the Update tab and choosing "pre-releases" at the bottom. Once you've done this, go to Clipboard > Advanced and uncheck "Ignore clipboard data marked as Concealed" to test whether this allows you to copy from Fluid, in case Fluid is wholesale marking its data as ConcealedType for some reason.



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Thanks for the tips and warm welcome @Vero – just updated to pre-release but still no joy, checkbox ticked or no. Fluid makes standalone apps of specific web pages or domains, so I assume it's wrapping a web view somehow. It's also… not the most modern app. Happy to leave it at ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ for now, but if I can provide more diagnostic info to help pinpoint the cause let me know!


Thanks for the app, I'm enjoying finding my way around!

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@Vero So I finally figured this out… I have 1Password in my clipboard history ignore list and the apps in question had been given the names 1Password Foo and 1Password Bar, and were therefore being ignored. Renaming these apps allows them to appear as normal in clipboard history. I believe the Ignore Apps list is matching not only the apps listed, but any app whose name starts with the name of an app in the list. This isn't how I'd expect things to work, so feature request I guess for stricter matching?


EDIT: Or perhaps it's more complicated than that? Of the four default apps in the Ignore Apps list, I only see this behaviour for 1Password – can copy to clipboard history happily from Wallet Foo and Keychain Access Foo…

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Further testing
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