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Dictionary definitions not showing in Alfred results

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At some point recently the "define" command stopped showing the definition in Alfred's results and now I have to actually select the word and press enter and the dictionary opens up with the definition.


How can I get back to showing the definitions in Alfred's results without having to select the word and press enter?


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@djsharpe We've tested the "define" keyword on El Capitan, Sierra and the latest High Sierra beta, and everything's working as expected. Could you please give some more details as to your specific setup, so that we can help you further? :)

  • Which version of macOS are you using?
  • Which version of Alfred are you using?
  • Can you please provide a screenshot of your Features > Dictionary preferences?
  • Do you have any customisation to the Dictionary? (e.g. additional dictionaries from external sources, etc)


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@djsharpe Ok, so the issue is probably not with Define or the Dictionary, but probably to do with your theme settings not displaying the subtext.


First, could you please launch Alfred's prefs to Appearance > Options (bottom left) and take a look at what you've set "Show result subtext" to. It should be set to "Always" in order for you to see the definition (which is subtext).


Next, switch to the default Alfred theme, in case you've set all subtext to be transparent or the same colour as your background.


Looking forward which of the above solves it for you, but I'm almost certain it'll be one of these :)



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Yes! It must have been the theme. I really appreciate your help! You guys have great support and I like knowing I can always get an answer quickly by asking in the forum. Besides the great product, it is another reason why I bought the Mega Supporter powerpack!


Thank you @Vero

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