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OneNote Snippet Expansion Pastes Clipboard Instead of Creating Snippet


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I am a avid MS OneNote user. Unfortunately, I am unable to use Alfred Snippets in OneNote when "Restore clipboard contents" is checked. When that option is checked, the snippets do not create/expand, it only pastes the previous copied text into OneNote. When "Restore clipboard contents" is unchecked the snippets work properly. Out of all the programs I use, OneNote is the only program that displays this type of behavior with snippet expansion.


I have tried multiple different settings and variations of the "simulated key event" and "Restore After" settings. 


If "Restore clipboard contents" is checked and applied the for either "After Auto Expansion" and or "After Snippets Veiwer or Keyword" the snippets are not created/expands, only the contents of the clipboard are pasted into OneNote.



  • Alfred 3.4.1 Build 860
  • Mac OS 10.12.5
  • OneNote Fast Build Version 15.37 (170718)


Please let me know if you need any additional information or would like me try any additional troubleshooting steps.

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Hi deanishe,


I have tried your suggestion but the result remains he same. I increased the "Restore after" time to the longest length of .09s. It still only pastes the clipboard. It does not create/expand any snippet. 


Any other suggestions?

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Typinator. Stupid name, and not as pretty as TextExpander, but it imported all my TE snippets almost perfectly, and can do everything TE can.


With snippet triggers, I guess Alfred can now technically do everything I want, but I have quite a few "form"-type snippets with multiple placeholders, and have little interest in trying to replicate them using Alfred.


It'd take a very long time and wouldn't work as well.

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I'm using OneNote 15.36 on macOS Sierra 10.12.6. Snippets expand just fine in OneNote for me. However, in my Tweaking settings I have:


✔ Slow down simulated key events


Restore clipboard contents: ✔ After Auto Expansion


Restore after 0.5s



The Slow Down tweak is required for some apps on my Mac (I'm looking at you, HipChat).

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Hi ctwise,


I have tried your settings with the same result. I have also increased "Restore after" to 0.9. It is only pasting the previous clipboard and not creating/expanding the snippet. 


May be OneNote v15.37 (insider fast build) related. May try to revert back to 15.36 on one of my Macs to test. 


Thanks for your input!

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I can confirm it was OneNote v15.37 (insider fast build) related. Just reverted back by uninstalling (dragging to trash) and re-downloading Office 2016. Guess, I should stay away from the "insider fast builds" from now on.:)


Thanks everyone for your assistance and help. I appreciate it.

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