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Airtable search / add record workflow?

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2 hours ago, tombarys said:

I am pretty surprised there is still no even one workflow for it.


I'm sure there are plenty of workflows for Airtable. Just no public ones. 


If you've read the API docs, you'll be aware that the API is entirely dependent on the structure of your personal databases. A workflow for one of my databases won't work with yours. 


The API itself is very simple to use. I could write a workflow for one of my own tables in a few minutes.


As a result, it's just not worth spending a few days writing a reconfigurable workflow that could work with any table.


It'd take just as long to configure the thing as it would to copy and edit a table-specific workflow.


As the API is very simple to use, it would be a great first workflow to build.


I'm sure that if you try, you'll get all the help you need on the forum.



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@tombarys I made a simple "add record" workflow today for adding tasks to a backlog. It has one base hardcoded and doesn't do any searching. 


https://www.dropbox.com/s/srg4qpydba2zokp/Create Airtable record - COPY.alfredworkflow?dl=0


In this example, you'll need to tweak the script:


1. add your API key where it says YOUR_API_KEY (get it from airtable.com/account)

2. add the URL to your base where it says YOUR_TABLE_URL

3. change the fields (e.g. Title, Status) to match your table


Right now, mine is hardcoded with the fields from my table. You'll see that if you type this:

air testing

then a new record will be created called "testing". 

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