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Copy & Paste most recent file

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I would like a way to copy the most recent file that has been modified in my file system and paste it into the active email window.


My current work flow is to save a document -- word, excel, or .pdf -- and then go to the Finder and select "All my files" in the Favorites section on the left, and then sort by date modified to find the most recent file I just saved.  I then drag that file into an email as an attachment.


Ideally, I'd like to stay inside the composing of my email, and just press a hotkey, which would trigger a workflow that would make that most recent document magically appear in the email as an attachment.


I'm new to Alfred, and have not created a work flow before.


Any suggestions would be most appreciated...I tried searching the forums thinking someone would have already asked this, but was unable to find something.

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I'm not sure if that's actually possible.


AFAIK, there's no reliable way to get a list of the most recently changed files (there is a mechanism, but IIRC, Microsoft products don't use it, so you can forget about Word and Excel).


And adding the file as an attachment to the message you're currently writing is, as you say, basically magic.


It might be possible using Mail.app, which has very good AppleScript support, but I think you can forget about it if you're using a different email client.


More realistic is grabbing the last-edited file and creating a new email with it attached.

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