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Snippet Keyword Validation

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Alfred 3.4.1 Build 860, Friday 21st July 2017
macOS Sierra Version 10.12.6


When trying to create snippets if the first  few characters of your snippet have been used before you are blocked from creating a snippet



trying to create a snippet for the prime and double prime characters


if we create the prime snippet using the keyword: `!prime` then when trying to create a snippet for the double prime
you are blocked from using i.e. `!primed` as soon as you type `!prime` in the keyword field the text turns red and no matter what you 
type after that string.


This is also true for shorter strings e.g. if you've used `!dd` as a keyword you cannot use `!ddd` or any other combination that starts with `!dd`



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@bvtton As per @deanishe's reply, the shorter snippet will always expand first :)


If you want to use !primed, for example, you can either disable auto-expansion for the shorter keywords like !prime - or you can simply change the shorter one to avoid clashing with the longer ones. 


Here are a few tips for choosing suitable snippet expansion keywords:



[Moving this to Discussion & Help as it's not a bug.]



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