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You need to connect a series of Keyword inputs to your Snippet Trigger, saving the input from each to a workflow variable, then calling the next. Then in your Paste template, you can use:

Dear {var:NAME},

Thank you for your {var:WHAT}, which we received on {var:DATE}.

It's nowhere near as simple, or convenient, as a "form" fill-in in TextExpander or Typinator, but it is possible. And with Alfred you can add additional logic between the inputs if you like.


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@sepulchra Here's an example workflow I created where you can chain inputs (three list filters in this case):

https://www.dropbox.com/s/eqq91b8tyxom5t1/Chaining inputs for a Snippet Trigger.alfredworkflow?dl=0


Each item doesn't have to be a List Filter, as you can combine list filters, free text, scripts, etc. You'll find examples of each of these in the Getting Started > Snippet Triggers built-in workflow, and some more info here:




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and one more question -- I use ISO dates all of the time, is it possible to do date math with dynamic placeholders like this:




I can't get that to work for me.

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