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DualFinder - Make Finder a dual-pane file manager

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An Alfred 3 workflow to:

Have exactly two Finder windows opened and arrange them side-by-side.Bring keyboard shortcuts of a typical dual-pane file manager, e.g. Total Commander in Windows, to Mac.


The versions for Alfred 3 & BetterTouchTool and the source codes in Applescripts are available on https://github.com/sjackwu/DualFinder.


After import/install the workflow, you'll need to assign Hotkeys to the operations by yourself. I use notes in the workflow to remind/recommend you which Hotkeys to use for each operation.


Some operations use Applescript GUI script and they are tested in the default Finder environment (i.e. default Hotkeys, menu items and toolbar), and they may need modifications to run properly on your Mac. 



A list of recommended Hotkeys (you can find them in the note area of each operation), and you can change them to whatever Hotkeys you want.

  • ⌘⇧⌥⌃F: Dual Finder Windows
  • ⌘↩: Open file
  • ⌃⇥: Jump to the other tab
  • F3: View
  • F4: Edit with TextMate
  • F5: Copy file
  • F6: Move file
  • F7: New folder
  • F8: Trash
  • ⌥F5: Compress file
  • ⌥F9: Decompress file
  • ⇧F4: Copy file name
  • ⇧F5: Copy full path
  • ⇧F6: Rename
  • ⇧F7: Jump to search field
  • ⇧F8: Delete
  • ⌥→: Make window R = window L
  • ⌥←: Make window L = window R
  • ⌥U: Swap window L & window R
  • ⌥=: Make target window = current window


  • ⌘: command
  • ⇧: shift
  • ⌥: option
  • ⌃: control
  • ⇥: tab




You need to assign Hotkeys by yourself.


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When importing a Workflow, Alfred strips any Hotkey combination and leaves them blank. This is done to prevent conflicts.


So your Workflow has no say regarding ⌘⇧⌥⌃F, or ⌘↩, or any other Hotkey. Anyone who downloads and opens your Workflow won’t have those set up.

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  • 3 years later...

Dear Sjackwu


I tried to install your DualFinder scripts and Alfred Workflow on my Macbook Pro 15’ running Mac Os Big Sur 11.1

Since then, clicking on « tab » button switch between two tabs on Finder. But it’s really inconvenient because of a conflict with the shortcut « alt+tab » for switching between apps.


I would like to remove the « tab » shortcut for switching between two tabs on Finder. Could you please tell me how I should proceed ?


Best regards,

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Macbook Air M1, Monterey 12.5.

Although the wokflow Dualfinder is enabled, and the hotkey
Shift-Alt-Cmd-F assigned to the workflow, nothing happens, with either
Finder already open, or not.

I thought this could be caused by a previous uninstall of the Apple
Command Line Tools. I installed this. There are no system updates pending.

I don't see any relevant info in the blogs on the site.

Thank you for your help.

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Welcome @a.leleux,


When asking about an existing Workflow, it’s best to use its own forum thread. While it may seem that starting a new thread could give your problem visibility, it fragments the discussion and makes it less likely the author and users of the workflow (the people who can help) will see it. I’ve moved it to the (presumed) correct thread.

But it’s not possible yet to tell what may be wrong. What’s your version of Alfred, what’s the Workflow’s version, and what does the debugger say?

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Thank you for moving to the appropriate thread.

The workflow works after I deleted it and downloaded from github.

The difference is that at first launch, the system asked authorizations for Alfred in order to control Finder and some other thing I don't remember (maybe running scripts ?).

Alfred v. 5.01


Could anyone indicate that the issue is "Resolved" ? (I don't find a way to do it)


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