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Better clipboard-snippet integration


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I recently found the Cmd+S shortcut to create snippets from the clipboard viewer. It brings up the alfred snippets settings and pre-populates the snippet text.

Obviously, I appreciate being able to do that at all, but I would love to have a faster way of doing it.


The clipboard history is one of my favorite features, but sometimes I feel like I'm misusing it a little bit and should be using snippets more. But I don't love the experience.

My idea is holding pressing Cmd+Enter to quickly add the paste to a special snippet collection (activate a little star next to it?).


I also always wanted my clipboard manager to be able to quickly paste something without looking at the history. I have created hotkeys for {clipboard:1}, {clipboard:2}, etc but I never use them because I never can calculate the correct index of the thing I want to paste when doing intensive copy-paste work. Being able to assign a key quickly from the list and see it in the list would be awesome.





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