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Once Monterey 12.3 is released, this will break unless it’s updated before then. For people already on the beta, if you’ve followed the knowledge base article to reinstall Python 2, this version should work. It modifies the Workflow just enough for it to work with the newly installed Python 2.


If we get an official update in the meantime, so much the better. If the Workflow has any kind of auto-update, the linked modified version will respect it.

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1 hour ago, giovanni said:

feel free to use as you like or I can open a pull request?


My recommendation: do a pull request, you don’t need to ask first. It is possible your PR isn’t merged or doesn’t get a reply because the person is busy or no longer active, but that’s still worth it because others who are looking for the fix will find it more easily and can pull it for themselves. Even if your PR is refused, you’re likely to get useful feedback. Remember not to take it personally and you’ll do fine.


Extra tip: you can check all of your open PR by going to http://github.com/pulls. I do it once in a blue moon to check what’s really old and close those.


Also, I haven’t yet decided how exactly I’m going to do it but I’m considering a new column in the updated Workflows table for notes, including alternatives and Py3 forks. If you want to ping me (however is most convenient for you) about the Workflows you update for Python 3, I can add them to the table. It’s also useful if you ping me about the pull requests you make, because I can follow those on GitHub and remove them from the repo if they are merged.

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2 hours ago, giovanni said:

first pull request sent, thanks for the tips!




Note @clarencecastillo hasn’t been active on GitHub so there’s a good chance it won’t get a reply, but don’t get discouraged! PRs with many changes can take long to review, so smaller incremental changes are often merged faster, but you didn’t really have a choice this time.


2 hours ago, giovanni said:

I am still learning about developer etiquette, if there is one 😀.


From a decade of maintaining Homebrew Cask, the best tip I can give you can be summed up in the word “empathy”. Be cordial and respect other people’s time. In all situations, but especially when asking for help, be thorough—the clearer you are and the more you share in advance, the fewer back and forth will be needed. Speaking for myself, when I see someone has put in the effort I’m more eager to help. So what I’m saying is “keep doing what you’re doing”.


Oh, and don’t respond to animosity with more rudeness. It’s not worth your time or mental health to be angry. Either abandon the conversation, or if you must reply do it with kindness. Some people will tone it down or even apologise while others will double down—you don’t know until you try—but avoid escalating, it makes it worse. My philosophy is that it’s never “you against them” but “you and them against the problem”.


If you are a pleasant person to interact with (you are!) and choose to view things in the best light, you’ll keep going and learn everything else.


2 hours ago, giovanni said:

I will keep you updated!


You already have two Workflows in the alternatives column, one of them listed twice!

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