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Powerthesaurus Search for Alfred

Search for synonyms and antonyms on Powerthesaurus.org from Alfred 2 & 3.




Get Power Thesaurus for Alfred from GitHub or Packal.



Primary commands:

  • pows <word> — Search Power Thesaurus for synonyms of <word>.
  • powa <word> — Search Power Thesaurus for antonyms of <word>.

For both primary commands:

  •  or ⌘+NUM — Copy highlighted entry to the clipboard
  • ⌘+L — Show full query in Alfred's Large Text window



Resulting synonyms or antonyms will be sequentially listed according to user rating.


Licensing and Acknowledgement

This workflow is released under the MIT Licence.

It is heavily based on deanishe's Alfred-Workflow, also MIT-licensed.

By using this workflow, you acknowledge, understand and signify your agreement to Power Thesaurus Website's terms and conditions, and privacy statement.



Edited by Clarence Castillo
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11 hours ago, clarencecastillo said:

Search for synonyms and antonyms on Powerthesaurus.org from Alfred 2 & 3.


The moment you save this Workflow from Alfred 3, it’s no longer compatible with Alfred 2.

You’re using an old version of Alfred-Workflow. Versions bellow a certain threshold are blocked from running in Alfred.

Edited by vitor

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Been using this workflow for the past year but recently it has stopped working for me. I get an error whenever I try to enter a synonym (or antonym) into the workflow. For reference, I'm using Alfred 4. Any ideas for a fix?




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On 4/8/2020 at 8:49 AM, clarencecastillo said:

I've updated the workflow to fix the errors. Please try again with this new version.

Thanks for the fix! Works like a charm now! :) 

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