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Not sure why passed in path does not get open with Open File object

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I have this workflow that I am trying to make.


I pass in the correct path as {query} into Open File object but it refuses to open it. I checked the path the passed in path by running 'code ' and that path and it works perfectly. I just can't get it to run from Alfred.


Perhaps I am not using Open File object correctly.


I also tried creating a bash script object and running 'code $1' in it but that too doesn't work. I assume Alfred doesn't know about code command that I have installed in my environment which should open a passed in path in VS Code. 


Thank you for any help.

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It's hard to determine since we can't see the code for you "alfred-edit-files" since it's binary and I can't see what this file is doing (what kind of item those it needs as input... file ? folder ? text ?)... However, I tried to send a file and the Alfred debugger complained about the JSON was missing expected keys:


[2017-08-12 21:11:31][ERROR: input.scriptfilter] JSON is missing expected keys; items, variables or rerunafter:
  "items": null

Maybe this is why it's not working on your side ?


Also, I tried to send a file to the Open File object and it has worked. I'm just not sure why to try to set "{query} : {var:PATH}" inside the "Arg and Vars" object since the {query} would be what goes out of the object and, therefore, would be what you place on the bigger text field above

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Thank you @GuiB, @deanishe

It was an issue with my code and the spacing was an issue. I did check debugger pane but not the 'All information' tab which is where I would have spotted this error. My bad.


Sorry @GuiB for the lack of info. Will release this small workflow too soon as I think it could be useful to people.

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