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How to run calculations in a workflow

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Hi, I have a calculation I have to make a lot. 




How would I set this up in a workflow (so I can make calculations quicker than the normal calculator)?


Thanks in advance!

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Here is 2 examples... If you don't want to do some scripting, the first example could be great to easily add a formula by modifying the "Arg and Vars" object (can duplicate to make more math functions). The second one is nicer if you prefer to have a direct feedback on the number you input





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Here it is:  https://nofile.io/f/mPGnUHXWJVJ/Calculation+in+Workflow+Example.alfredworkflow


About commenting, we can't round to decimal using the builtin Alfred calculator since it rounds to the nearest integer. So, the trick for the first version is to multiply the result by 100 so we move the 2 decimals out and then round the value and divide back by 100.




For the second version, there's a builtin function in python to round a value and there's a second argument to specify the precision that we want, so 2 in this case


Hope this helps!

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