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Convert Delay from seconds to minutes

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Hey there,


I'm pretty new to using variables, quick question: how do I make it so that when I type in "30" as a query, it sets the Delay Utility to 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds. I tried putting "{query}*60" into the Delay field but that doesn't seem to be working.




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Hi! Think of placeholders as just string ( {query} is replaced to a string containing the user input ), so there's no math operations that can take place. If you put an equation, then it won't be evaluated, but you would get back the full string.


Therefore, if you want to modify a query, then you would need another Workflow Object that can manipulate the query to send a modified version to the next object. For your use case, you would need to make a script (using a "Run Script" or "Script Filter" depending on how you want to interact with your workflow). The script would multiply the input by 60 and send the result to the next object (the output of the script become the {query} of the next object)

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