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I have an image that I made in photoshop, that I frequently paste into emails.  I want to be able to instantly paste this image with a hot key.  I have attempted to program Alfred to accomplish this but I have not yet succeeded.  Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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I've been using an applescript to copy files, so here is a version for your purpose that copy an image file and paste it to your front application. Since you said this is for an email I thought this was for an email signature, so I added an example for that using the snippet trigger (the hotkey one is set as well, but actually, any trigger could work...)


Link to the workflow: https://nofile.io/f/UpBdhu7mcuP/ImagePaste.alfredworkflow


For those that want to see the script directly, here is the main script to copy the file to the clipboard (just put this in a Run Script set to Applescript), the rest is just a simple cmd+v key combo for the pasting.


on run (argv)
	set filePath to "/path/to/your/file"
	set the clipboard to POSIX file (POSIX path of ((POSIX file (filePath)) as alias))
end run


Hope this helps!

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I just thought that I would add a note to my post above since I think I badly named the workflow... so please note that the script above doesn't only works for image file but could be used to copy any file to the clipboard

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