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Virgilius Haufniensis

Allow dictionary definitions to override hidden result subtext

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So currently, due to me having hidden the result subtext, the dictionary definitions look like this: 




In this mode, which does make Alfred prettier to look at, the dictionary definitions aren't really usable. 


So I'd like to be able to set that dictionary entries in Alfred are allowed to override the policy with hidden subtext. 


Is that possible?

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On 09/09/2017 at 11:27 AM, Virgilius Haufniensis said:

the dictionary definitions aren't really usable


The same applies to quite a few workflows.


I think the best solution would be for Alfred to define a double-modifier (e.g. ⌘⌥) that shows the subtitle.


Or, you know, turn subtitles back on if you use features/workflows that really need them.


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