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Slower performance with Frosty Teal theme

Alex M

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I was about to complain about performance having gotten nearly unusable over the last months on my 2015 MacBook (12", USB-C, not a powerhouse I know :) ), but I saw a different thread that mentioned changing your theme and that seems to have done the trick.


What's strange is that performance is ONLY terrible with Frosty Teal. All of the other default themes (Alfred, Alfred macOS, Alfred Classic, Notepad and the dark variants) all work perfectly fine even though AFAICT all of them except for Classic still use transparency. Is there something "special" with Frosty Teal that could be causing things to be so unbearably slow? (and can it be fixed because I really do kind of like that theme)

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I have exactly the same issue as Alex. 

At first I thought it was due to the high sierra beta, but nothing changed along with each update of the beta. 

Saw the post by Alex, and tried different themes other than frosty teal, every theme works fine, except for frosty teal. 



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This is a known issue with certain Macs and is due to the way High Sierra deals with blur radius. To work around this issue, duplicate the frosty teal theme, reduce the transparency a little, and make the blur under 50%.


What's interesting is that it only affects certain newer Macs - my low power old Mac Mini (barely meets minimum spec for high sierra) works absolutely fantastically with high blur themes.

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