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Alfred's Buffer: How to action multiple files at once


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I wanted to delete two documents of my Downloads folder. I selected my documents (.flv files) using the buffer feature.

Once my two files were selected, I hit the tab button, selected the Delete action, and hit Enter. 


Only one file was deleted.


I tried with two .jpg files -> same result.


Alfred version: Alfred 3 v3.5 (868).

Mac version: Mac OS X 10.10.5.

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@politicus Did you use Alt + Right Arrow (or tab in your case) to make sure you were actioning on both files? I've tested this on 10.11 and it works as expected, deleting both files.


If you can confirm you were definitely seeing "2 files selected" when choosing the Delete action, I'll launch 10.10 and take a look on that particular OS.



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