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Virgilius Haufniensis

Alfred gradually loses Spotlight results

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I have a problem, where Alfred loses the ability to search in files. I think I've tried to "rebuild macOS Metadata" six or seven times now, and every time the results is the same: After the reindex has been done, Alfred is able to search for the contents of any document just fine. But within an hour or two, the results gradually disappears until I'm left with a pretty crippled file search.
E.g. if I search for a term it will show still fewer file results. The order of the files disappearing is always the same. 

There are no problems whatsoever with searching for the same terms in Spotlight. 

I search the contents of my pdfs quite often, so it's a vital feature for me. 

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Hi @Virgilius Haufniensis Alfred doesn't hold or maintain his own index of files, and relies on your Mac's metadata to provide this information. Do you run (or have you previously run) any third-party tools that would manipulate your Mac's index? 


I appreciate that you've already done a "rebuild macOS metadata" a few times, but could you please run it again, ensuring that you check the box for "Delete /.Spotlight-V100" when Alfred presents you with that option?


When Terminal pops up, take a close look at any error messages, which could indicate issues with the index being rebuilt. Give your Mac sufficient time to complete rebuilding the index, then search for your files. If you're searching for apps specifically, type "reload" into Alfred first, as Alfred holds a temporary cache of apps for speedier results. 


If you notice files you're searching for disappearing from Alfred again following a full reindex, please install the following Metadata tool, and drag one of those files to it:



Please paste the results here, so that we can see whether there's metadata missing for those files.



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