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Automating Alfred Preferences with KM palettes

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Automating Alfred Preferences


I have always hated how in Alfred Preferences there were really no hotkey support for making things and you had to use your mouse for creating workflow objects or do any kind of interaction to make the workflows.


I have however managed to fix this by using Keyboard Maestro app to make macros to both create workflow objects from the keyboard alone as well as do common operations like opening debugger, changing workflow version number, making notes and a lot more.


I put all the different actions for creating workflow objects in a palette.


To better demonstrate everything, I made a YouTube video that you can watch below:  






Here is the repository where you can download these alfred palette and the macros for using in Alfred:




I hope you find it useful. Feel free to comment and I would love to hear your thoughts on it or perhaps on ways that you guys have automated using the Alfred Preferences editor itself. ? 






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Feels like the best of both Alfred and KM! Would love to use as I tried to create such collection of macros but as you are a more advanced than I was when I created them I prefer to use yours.


Unfortunately the link is broken and I can't find it in your github repository.

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