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Alfred Commit Folders

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Alfred Commit Folders


Simple workflow that lets you search folders and then write a commit message. It would then git add and git commit all files in the folder with the message you provide. And finally it would git push the changes.


This workflow assumes that the folder you select is already initialised with git as it is a file filter that searches through all the folders. It will however warn you if the folder you chose is not under git.


You can of course modify the scope of the search or even make it that it only searches through git initialised folders but for my use case, I use this workflow when I make a change to some README file in some folder and want to quickly commit it without going to my terminal.

For quickly editing README's of folders I use this workflow that searches through all folders and with a modifier key press will open the README in the markdown editor you set up.


There is also alternative action that will commit only the README file inside the folder with a predefined commit message. Again all the commit messages can be customised to what you prefer.

You can install the workflow from GitHub releases and you can find more information on it on GitHub.


Hope you like it. ?


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