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How to fix JSON data error for input script filter

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This is my error : 

[ERROR: input.scriptfilter] JSON error: JSON text did not start with array or object and option to allow fragments not set. in JSON:

input the



"input the" is the result of code "echo $userInput


This Alfred node, runs a script called search.rb. I've screen shotted it below as well. The script calls all redbooth API's(a project management app) Projects, Tasklists and tasks. It then runs a loop through each item and looks for titles that match the user input/ARGV. I have run the script locally in my terminal and the script returns the correct objects and should be printing them/returning to Alfred. However I get the above issue and I can't seem to figure out where my disconnect is.


Additional info/screen shots below.




search.rb/the script alfred runs to generate the script filter options.



This code(below/list_proj.rb) calls the redbooth API and takes all returned objects/projects and converts the data to json. When the script rubs as is in a alfred script node- it populates the filter options.

This code works to the desired effect. Posting for comparison



This is a snap shot of the work flow. Everything works with the exception of the Search function/nodes



Please let me know if I can provide anything else. I have a separate plugin that provides user auth for the work flow to access the redbooth client API. Any insights to this error or what I may have missed would be well appreciated. Thanks!


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The output of you script should only be a JSON string, but you have "echo input $userInput" that send "input $userInput" (-> "input the") to stdout and just before the JSON string (which I assume output a correct JSON string). So, you should remove or comment this first line so it is not sent to Alfred.

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