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Spacious (another Spotlight inspired theme)

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Spacious is a nice theme but it's unusable.


Using the theme causes a full second of input delay on each letter you type.


I don't have this issue with any other themes. What's the problem here? Can it be fixed? 


The following recoding shows what happens when you type "alfred".

(note that I finished typing the word in less than one second but it took a full seven seconds for all the letters to appear) 


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@Diegobit I really like your theme -> using it for quite a few months now (light and dark).


The only problem I have is every time I launch the Alfred search bar, I can't move it  (= once invoked, its position is fixed). 


Is it a setting you have set, a bug?


I used to use themes where I can move Alfred search bar, that is why I guess the problem is coming from your (lovely) theme.


- Mac OS X 10.12.6.

- Alfred 3 v3.5.1 (883)

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