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Was messing with the theme customizer for the first time. Not really sure if this has been done yet. Probably has. But wanted Alfred to blend into macOS sierra. So tried to keep it real minimal. Almost like Apple would have wanted it. Was trying to match the app switcher in the Finder. Did it work?


Download it:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/jge5ttv218vwgdz/MacOS - Unity.alfredappearance?dl=0


Preview here:



Screenshot 2017-09-29 01.03.04.png


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Yeah, so personally I don't use the shortcuts as much as you might think. (Alfred usually finds me the 1st result.) So, I just faded the shortcut keys out. 


Anyway, here's an updated version with darker text and more visible shortcut keys.




I put it on a white bg so you can see how it looks also.

Screenshot 2017-09-29 10.11.02.png

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That's way more legible on a light background. Can't read the subtitles on a dark background, tho.


That level of transparency works fine with big icons, but it's not a good fit for text, imo.


It's fine if you only ever open Alfred over your desktop background, but is always going to be illegible sometimes if you open Alfred in front of other applications, especially websites.

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