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Any way to use Remote to "press" a combination of keys on my Mac?

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In my work, I absolutely have to press the keyboard combination control+j hundreds of times a day. It's the worst. Super un-ergonomic. And I can't change it to a different shortcut. 


I have been using a Nintendo Switch controller and a software called Enjoy2 to translate game controller inputs to keyboard button presses, and it's a serviceable solution, but still not ideal, because I have to press two buttons on the controller (there isn't a way to bind two simultaneous keyboard presses to a single input from the controller using Enjoy2). 


When I heard of Alfred Remote, I immediately though of using it for this. "What if I could press a button on my phone screen instead of control+j?" But apparently I can't? I've looked at some of the resources, FAQs, help pages... If there is a way, it isn't immediately obvious to me. 


Can anyone help? Is there a way? I don't care if it's a workaround. 

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