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Alfred workflow issues after upgrading macOS to 10.13

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I can't really figure out why this is happening, but all my workflows that are context dependent seem to have stopped working after I upgraded to macOS 10.13. Take Audio Switch for example, even if the System Preferences app is closed, when I activate the first choice filter via "audio switch" RETURN, it then activates the System Preferences app and then the Alfred menu ignores the contexts (e.g. possible output devices in this case) and goes straight to online search query results. In the case of Packal Update, the app does not even run.


If the webmaster on this forum let me, I will post a video of my issue.



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On 03/10/2017 at 12:00 AM, gilgameshskytrooper said:

Audio Switch for example


Perhaps the behaviour has changed in High Sierra.


In any case, problems with specific workflows should be posted in the corresponding workflow's thread.


There's a much better chance that the developer will see it, and it keeps down the "noise" on the forum.


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I can confirm this issue. Obviously, it has nothing to do with single workflows, since it is affecting all of context-aware workflows. But as far as I noticed, this bug was introduced in Alfred 3.5 and has nothing to do with High Sierra. Can't say something more specific about timeframe, since I am mostly LB user and start Alfred only once or twice a month. 

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@lycopodiopsida @gilgameshskytrooper We'd be happy to help you work out what's not right with your workflows, but there isn't enough clarity in your posts on what you mean by "context-aware workflows".


Could you please specify which workflows (with links) you're having issues with? Check that you're using the latest version of each of these workflows.


It's possible that 1. there's an incompatibility between High Sierra and the workflow itself, or 2. the upgrade to High Sierra may require that workflows relying on accessibility are set up fresh (Permissions can sometimes be corrupted during an upgrade) but the issues won't be caused by Alfred 3.5. 


The more details you can provide rather than a sweeping statement that "things don't work", the easier it'll be for us to help you out :)



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Any sensibly-made workflow will have the gems bundled with it, so the workflows themselves need fixing/updating.


Obviously, you could work around that by installing the gems globally, but as I said earlier, it would be sensible to report the issue in the workflows’ threads where the authors will see the posts (and hopefully release fixes for everyone).


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